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Why do I need a website?

You might be one of the few businesses who have managed to get by without having a website. Perhaps, you’re still in the process of adopting new systems and trying to wrap your head around digital marketing, or maybe it’s been on your list of things to do, but you’ve not got around to it yet. Whatever the excuse, there’s always 100 more reasons to have a website for your business.

For me, it’s always been quite obvious that every business needs a website but that’s because I think, breathe and understand websites. I realize that for a lot of customers, especially ones who have been operating for so long without a website, it can be quite daunting changing things and trying to figure out how to put everything online.

It’s a whole new system to understand and one that comes with loads of questions, but you’ll soon find that one chat with us will convince you that things don’t have to be complicated. In fact, we simplify the entire process and guide you through building your website and marketing yourself online.  But in case you need some convincing, here are just some reasons why you need a website:

Websites are more affordable than traditional advertising

The advertising landscape has changed so much in recent years, and we still find that businesses put too much value on traditional advertising, instead of seeing the potential and opportunity in digital efforts. Digital marketing is a lot more affordable than traditional advertising, and when done right, can have a far wider reach.

You own your website

While social media, newsletters and online directories are great, it’s important to remember that you do not actually own any of those platforms, so there’s a risk that they might seize to exist tomorrow or more realistically, change their algorithm, rules or the way businesses engage with customers, using their platforms. A big change like that can negatively impact your business, causing you to take a massive hit. However, you own your website and get to control the dialogue and choose how your brand is perceived.

What’s more, is you’ll be able to direct the traffic from social media, online directories, and even traditional marketing efforts (like business cards, Yellow Pages, print media, etc.) to your own website which gives you an opportunity to create a follow up system for generating and converting leads more effectively.

Websites level the playing field

Ever look at your competitor and feel discouraged or like you’re never going to have the budget to compete with their marketing efforts. Well, you’re wrong! There’s not much difference when comparing the website of a corporate giant to a smaller home-based business. A clever marketing strategy combined with a modern and professional website will have potential customers lining up in no time, and as long as you can meet their needs and deliver quality products or services, they won’t care if you’re a company of 1000 employees or just 2.

Websites have become a standard expectation

Times have definitely changed, and customers now expect to find everything they need to know about you and the service or product you provide ahead of making purchasing decisions. It’s no longer an option whether you need a website or not – it’s a matter of survival for your business. Without a website, you’re telling your customers that you’re stuck in the dark ages and are not interested in earning their business, but what’s worse is you’re encouraging them to look elsewhere for a business who does have all the information available online and who is ready to meet their needs.

You create the voice of your brand

With reviews and comments being available at a click of a mouse, having a website gives you the opportunity to mould and choose the voice of your brand and how it’s presented to others. Having a website for your business instantly creates an online presence so that you don’t have to rely on others speaking for you, and you can choose the branding, tone and direction you take.

You can find new customers

Probably the most obvious reason for having a website is the opportunity to expand your business. Instead of relying on your potential customer picking up the Yellow Pages or seeing your brochure in the office of your doctor’s room, you open yourself to anyone being able to find your business online. Not only can they see your website, but they can also interact with you by using contact forms, chat apps, social media and so much more! Suddenly, you can talk with customers on the other side of the world, get real-time feedback on products and services, and bring your business directly to your customer, instead of hoping they’ll see you!

Remember that your website doesn’t need to be complicated – too much information and you’ll overwhelm your customers. Instead, provide a few simple pages with information that is tailored to your customers’ needs and is easy to navigate. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help create a relevant and engaging website that represents your business and help you market yourself online.

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