Why Choose Dr. Design

Why Choose Dr. Design

After doing a quick Google search, we can completely understand how overwhelming it can be for start-ups who are looking for an affordable website but don’t necessarily know which company to choose. We all say the same thing and promise the best service, so what sets Dr. Design apart from the rest of the names that you’re seeing?

Darren has been designing websites for close to 10 years, while Megan has been actively working with local brands for the last 5 years. Together, with our combined experience, we understand what local businesses need and want from their website. Understandably, different businesses need different things – there are industry standards to be considered – which is why, before accepting a job, we consider the niche that your business falls in and whether we’d be the right fit for you. Our belief is that your website designer and digital marketing team should be your partner in business and what good is a partner who doesn’t understand your business at all?

Darren and Megan are a husband and wife team – we’ve built our business ourselves, relying strongly on word of mouth through digital practices. We don’t often promote ourselves or our services which is probably why a lot of our clients are like, “But we had no idea you offered that!” Our passions lie within different sections of digital marketing. Darren is thrilled by the challenge of a new website; he considers elements, how things should work, why they aren’t working like that and ways to make it easier for the end-user, while Megan is passionate about digital marketing in general. Having established her own local blog as a parenting and beauty authority, she spends hours delving into ways of improving her own blog, equipping her with the tools to help others. Through her blog, she has had the opportunity to meet and engage with other local businesses, which has helped grow our own client base.

Knowing what it’s like trying to start a business, we understand that most people don’t have the budget for a website but do see the value of having one. Everyone needs a website but can’t always afford it. Our approach is offering websites and digital marketing services at a rate that won’t put you out of business – can’t afford the entire payment right now? Let’s create a payment plan that works for you!

At Dr. Design, we realize that our customer is our best marketing effort. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible! So, we make things as simple as possible, giving you one less thing to worry about and a whole lot of opportunities to grow, as a business.

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