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New Year, New Look, Same Us

DR. Design has always been Darren’s side hustle, even before we started dating. At the time, he was still working as a head developer for a local company but always had friends and family recommending his web design services to their friends. The name stands for Darren Roughton’s Designs but as his initials often lead to people calling him, “Doctor,” I like to think of him as the ‘Doctor of Design’ – fixing broken websites and making things work properly.

Fresh out of high-school with no idea of what I wanted to do, Darren gave me the idea to start freelancing, which is how I landed an excellent opportunity working as a Virtual Assistant for an American-based gaming company. When I first started, I was just the assistant to the assistant, but I slowly climbed the ranks and worked my way up, until I helped run the entire operation.

I can never explain just how grateful I am to my first employer, who took a chance on a snot-nosed kid straight out of high school and taught me everything I know today. He was (and still is) the kind of person who I could ask anything, whether it was about my blog, starting my own company or life in general, he took me under his wing and really helped build the confidence I needed to thrive in an industry I hadn’t yet discovered.

It was during my time there, that I found my passion for digital marketing. I started learning everything I could about SEO and would spend nights working late on my own blog and friend’s websites, testing what I had just learnt and figuring out how it all worked. In the meantime, Darren had also started working for an American-based digital marketing company, where he still works as the lead developer.

To be quite honest, up until 2-years ago, DR. Design was merely a name on paper and was always going to be just that; a name of our “company” that we referred to when people we knew through people we love, needed a website or SEO because trying to explain freelancing had become frustrating.

But two years ago, I noticed that one of my favourite local brands was having some trouble with their website, so I reached out and asked if we could help. It wasn’t long until my online friends and other local businesses started to contact us, needing a quick fix here and there. I guess, up until then, I hadn’t ever spoken about what I actually do, and the convenience of already knowing me through the local blogging community, gave local business owners the peace of mind they needed before investing in a new website.

The irony was that we didn’t even have a website or a Facebook page ourselves. In fact, we didn’t even have a price list! So here we were, having people contact us, asking to see examples of our work and messaging me on Facebook, asking to see our website but we didn’t have one.

So, we called the team in – we had hired two web developers to help with the workload – and between them and Darren, they managed to launch our website within a few hours. Admittedly, it wasn’t my favourite but I didn’t have the time to pour the love and thought into our branding, and went live with the intention of revisiting our site and changing things, once we had managed to catch our breaths.

It’s been two years – time got away from me – but I’ve finally set aside the time I needed, to build a brand identity that I love and that represents what DR. Design is. At its core, we are a husband and wife team – we understand the demands of running your own business, and how you’ve probably been putting off your website, SEO or setting up your social channels because there have just been more pressing things; like fulfilling orders, paying rent, and getting your kids to school on time. WE GET IT!

But we also want to help local companies realize their potential by designing and applying effective digital marketing strategies that are designed and built for you! We know and understand that there’s no use in applying the same strategy to all our clients; each client is unique, their industry different and their target customer within reach, so through our 15-years of combined working experience, we have the ability to tailor a digital marketing package that not only suits your budget but more importantly, works for you!

Welcome to the new DR. Design, a local family-owned digital agency that gets it.

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