Meet the Team at Dr. Design

Meet the Team at Dr. Design

We get it! We would also want to know all about the people who we are doing business with, after all, you have worked so hard to establish your business and are now trusting us with your digital presence – so of course, you are wondering who we are and what we have to offer.

Dr. Design is a husband and wife team with over 10-years’ experience in the web design and digital marketing industry. After realizing that we weren’t cut out for a typical 9-5, we decided to become freelancers which allowed us the flexibility we need to be hands-on parents.

At first, our primary focus had been on the American market to build up an international portfolio that would match our world-class service. We have always shared the belief that every company – big or small – needs a website but couldn’t help but notice that local start-ups and smaller businesses were limiting themselves because they feared being taken advantage of by big digital marketing firms.

So, we launched our own local business that aims to bridge the gap by offering you an all-in-one marketing solution that you can trust and afford.

Darren is our head developer, a master-fixer and the brains behind making our client’s visions a reality. With a natural knack for figuring things out, he is the one that we turn to when things break and is often working at odd hours to ensure that deadlines are met and websites are launched. He started coding when he was still in high-school and has been working as a freelancer on and off again, ever since. Funnily, he studied law but found himself getting bored and decided that a suit and tie just wasn’t for him. When he is not working, playing with our boys, driving me mad or reading Reddit, you can usually find him shouting through his headset while playing Pub G, DotA or Rocket League.

Megan is a natural born juggler; juggling life as a mom, blogger and business owner. While some choose wine, Megan chooses to de-stress at the end of a long day by discovering new ways of improving a client’s ranking on Google. While her true passion lies within SEO, she also offers content writing services, social media management and consulting – need something done? Megan is your girl!

Together, we have spent the last 6 years building up our business to get to this point. We now have a team of junior developers, designers and content creators ready to help take your business to new heights. In the end, we want to help businesses everywhere realize their potential by amplifying their digital presence and putting them on the (Google) map. Sure, there are loads of companies just like us, but few are headed by a dedicated team who treats your business like our own!

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