Dr. Design - Affordable websites, SEO and social media marketing

After doing a quick Google search, we can completely understand how overwhelmed you might be feeling, especially when confronted with thousands of companies all claiming to do the same thing! We get it; you just want an affordable website that represents your company professionally, but after hearing some horror stories, you’re scared of being ripped off! So, what sets DR. Design apart?


We’re a husband and wife team from Port Elizabeth, who offer an affordable all-in-one digital marketing solution for your business. Our packages are customised to suit your business’ needs and include web design, SEO, social media marketing, content creation and community management. We’ve worked in the industry for more than 15-years and believe that everyone needs a digital marketing strategy, but can’t necessarily afford it. So, we bridge the gap by offering a convenient all-in-one marketing solution that you can rely on and afford.


With the rise in digital marketing, it’s become clear that potential customers rely on your digital presence to find you. The problem is; if you don’t know how or aren’t familiar with the best digital marketing practices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the effort it takes to figure out new platforms and keep up with the industry trends. You might even find yourself feeling despondent as you struggle to find new clients.

Meet the Team

Dr. Design - Affordable websites, SEO and social media marketing

Darren is our head developer, a master-fixer and the brains behind making our client’s visions a reality. With a natural knack for figuring things out, he is the first call when things break, and can usually be found working at odd hours to ensure that deadlines are met and websites are launched. He started coding when he was still in high-school and has been working as a freelancer on and off again, ever since. Funnily, he studied law but found himself getting bored and decided that a suit and tie just wasn’t for him. When he is not working, playing with his sons, or reading Reddit, you can usually find him shouting through his headset while playing PUBG, DotA or Rocket League.

Megan is a natural born juggler; juggling life as a mom, blogger and business owner. Some might prefer wine at the end of a long day, but Megan chooses to de-stress by discovering new ways of improving a client’s ranking on Google. While her true passion lies within SEO, she also brings with her years of experience as a content creator, writer and community manager. Need something done? Megan is your girl!

Dr. Design - Affordable websites, SEO and social media marketing

Why Choose Us

  • We conveniently offer a variety of digital marketing services ensuring a cohesive and effective marketing strategy.


  • You don’t have to worry about dealing with several different teams – Megan is your point of contact and will ensure you don’t have to worry about a thing!


  • Our years of combined experience gives you peace of mind and ensures quality.


  • Some of your favourite local (and international) brands already work with us.


  • We pride ourselves on working WITH you, so that you have as much or as little to do with the project as you feel comfortable with!


  • We’re budget-friendly and offer payment terms that work for you!